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Douglas Alexander is the UK Labour Party's spokesman on foreign policy.

In 1984 he set off to attend Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific.

He attended the University of Pennsylvania.

Whilst studying in America, he worked for Michael Dukakis during the 1988 American Presidential Election campaign.

Douglas Alexander appears to work for the elite.

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Sofia Miliband, the code breaker, was part of the Soviet delegation to the 1943 Tehran Conference, attended by Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt.

Ed Miliband, leader of Britain's Labour Party, may be Britain's next Prime Minister.

Ed Miliband spent two spells living in Boston, Massachusetts, one year when he was seven and one part of a year when he was twelve,[9].

Ed Miliband taught at Harvard and was friends with John Kerry. (Harvard)

So, Ed may be part of the 'Secret State'?

LGBT - Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender...Website for this image. "Ed Miliband was a very unusual student... because during his three years at Oxford he did not have a single girlfriend." Website for this

Ed Miliband's cousin Sofia was born in Moscow and still lives in Moscow.

Sofia worked as a code breaker for Stalin's Russia.

The Miliband family, Stalin and me

So, the Milibands may be part of the Kosher Nostra?

Ed Miliband's brother, David Miliband, with their cousin Sofia, who worked as a code breaker for Soviet Russia.

Ed Miliband's grandfather was Samuel Miliband, who reportedly fought with the red Army. (Ralph Miliband : Biography)

One of Samuel's brothers is thought to have joined the Russian communists' Red Army, fighting the Western powers in the Russian civil war. (dailymail.2)

David Miliband, left, Ed Miliband, and father Adolphe Ralph.

Ed Miliband is the elder son of Marion Kozak and the late Marxist theoretician Adolphe Ralph Miliband.

Adolphe Ralph Miliband had Polish Jewish parents.

Adolphe Ralph Miliband's father, Samuel, was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1900.

Samuel had a cousin in Warsaw named Osip Miliband.

Osip's son, also called David Miliband, travelled to Moscow, before the Russian Revolution of 1917.

The Moscow David Miliband's daughter is Sofia, the Russian 'spooky' Russian code-breaker.

In 1940, both Adolphe Ralph and Samuel fled to London.

Marion Miliband, her sister, Hadassa, David, Ralph and Ed Miliband, Scotland, 1987. Ed Miliband has written: "When I was seven, my family went to visit my grandmother in Tel Aviv..." Website for this image

The London David Miliband says: 'My dad told me when I was a boy that 43 members of his extended family were killed by the Nazis.'

Sofia, the code breaker, was part of the Soviet delegation to the 1943 Tehran Conference,attended by Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt.

She received a birthday card from Vladimir Putin, which congratulated her on her work for Russia.

Sofia has visited Britain.

Read more:

David Miliband, brother of Ed.

In March 2010, Gilad Atzmon wrote about Ed Miliband's brother David Miliband, a former UK Foreign Secretary:

"Miliband is listed on an official Israeli Propaganda site as an Israeli Hasbara author.

"The same Miliband was until very recently investing an enormous effort into changing British Universal Jurisdiction just to make it easy for Israeli war criminals to make it to Oxford Street early on Boxing Day.

"Just a few weeks before the IDF launched its genocidal attempt against the people of Gaza, the same Miliband visited Sderot to ‘show solidarity’ with the Israeli people.

"Here is what he had to say 'It's very important that countries like mine and others show their solidarity with the people of Sderot.'

"This idiotic statement made by a senior loyal minister was obviously interpreted by the Israelis as a green light to reduce Gaza into a pile of rubble...

"Miliband is still loyal to the darkest ideology around namely Zionism.

"Britons better grasp that Israel was using no less than 15 forged British passports.

"The Israelis were obviously confident that they could get away with it. With a listed Hasbara author running the foreign office and half of the shadow ministers being members of the ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’, the Mossad had a good reason to believe that Britain’s politics is in its pockets..."

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Eileen Fairweather

For over 20 years, investigative journalist, Eileen Fairweather has been exposing powerful paedophile rings in such places as Islington in London, Essex, Hackney in London, Jersey, north Wales and Romania.

Her work has led to numerous government inquiries.

Every government inquiry confirmed that child abuse had taken place.

Eileen Fairweather writes:

"But did they bring child abusers to justice?

"Not at all."

"Inquiries are mostly the establishment's way of managing dissent and pretending something is being done."

Inquiries fail abused children - The Guardian (blog)

The role of the security services in organising child abuse is usually covered up. Website for this image

"Not one of the resulting inquiries has had the power, remit, skills or resources to investigate properly....

"These rings all join up.

"An investigator may start by looking at a home in north Wales but soon will be looking at a linked home in north London or Devon.

"The paedophiles protect each other and swap children, references, cover stories, venues and customers.

"Yet no one ever joins up the dots and says it is time we investigated them nationally...

“Michael Jackson was just a little boy of four or five when I accompanied Bob Hope to a place where they were filming... Their father brought the boys in and I remembered seeing them taken into a side room...They all had to drop their pants and bend over... a big man raped each one of them in a lineup." - Bryce Taylor - Website

"Many survivors or those supporting them have tried to point police towards the people and places used to prostitute children.

"They have identified child brothels, transportation routes, hotels and bars, fixers, providers of false documents and outlets for the lucrative trade in images of child abuse.

"Almost none of this evidence has ever been acted upon.

In Europe, the police and security services have been linked to the child abuse gangs. Website for this image...

"The child protection whistleblower who contacted the MP Tom Watson last month did so because he was once in a team of just the kind needed now.

"I was first in contact with his team and wrote about it 19 years ago, before it was abruptly closed down by orders from on high.

"It was ... a joint police/social services investigation into the ring around childcare guru Peter Righton.

"It produced establishment names and revealed an alleged linked cover-up by Labour - let us never forget paedophilia is a cross-party crime - and was shut down as a result.

"Not one of the implicated men was prosecuted.

"We need to kick down a few doors and rescue some children..."

Eileen Fairweather is a freelance journalist covering child protection issues

Joe Paterno and friend. 

EILEEN FAIRWEATHER: Lost children of the Empire

Child abuse rings - Haringey, Islington, Jersey and beyond




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Euan Blair, 'son of Tony and Cherie Blair'.

Euan Blair is a controversial character. (Euan Blair Made Me Pregnant !)

 Euan Blair is readying to become a Member of Parliament.

Euan Blair, whose mother is Cherie Blair.

"I always thought Euan resembled Cherie's lover Derry Irvine more than he ever did her husband."

Names of the powerful often misrepresent their real progeny at the tap 30 September 2012.

Lord Irvine, who has links to the spooks.

In Robert Harris's book, The Ghostthe UK prime minister is a CIA agent, groomed for the leadership of the Labour Party.

The Ghost is apparently about Tony Blair. (Tony Blair as CIA agent - Telegraph)

MI6's Meta Ramsay who was part of a clique that included Derry Irvine, Gordon Brown (former Prime Minister) and George Robertson (former NATO boss) Website.

Baroness Margaret 'Meta' Ramsay was an officer of MI6.

Ramsay has been involved with the Institute for Jewish Policy Research and the Zionist Labour Friends of Israel. (Margaret 'Meta' Ramsay - SourceWatch )

Ramsay was a close friend of Derry Irvine.

When Tony Blair was training to be a lawyer, he was a 'pupil' of Derry Irvine.

Israel's Tzipi Livni and Blair

Irvine's son Alastair was a crack cocaine addict. (Derry Irvine, Baron Irvine of Lairg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

He was imprisoned in the US for stalking an ex girlfriend and threatening to shoot her boyfriend. (Derry Irvine, Baron Irvine of Lairg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Derry Irvine became Blair's Lord Chancellor, the cabinet minister in charge of the legal system.

Irvine made off with the wife of fellow cabinet minister Donald Dewar.

Kathryn Blair, 'Tony Blair's daughter'.

"On or around Thursday 13th May 2004 Tony Blair's 16 year old daughter Kathryn attempted to commit suicide...

"She was rushed to hospital and a news blackout was requested by the PM's office and adhered to by the British Press...

"News about the suicide attempt was confirmed by Alan Johnson, Labour MP for West Hull and Hessle."

Tony Blair's daughter Kathryn in suicide bid

One of Tony Blair's homes.

"In 1983 at Bow St Magistrates Court a certain Charles Lynton was fined £50 for attempted soliciting in city toilets."


Ofra, with the muscular arms

"The Israeli media has speculated that Tony Blair is having an affair with an Israeli woman, called Ofra Strauss. (Tony Blair's intriguing friendship with Ofra Strauss, an Israeli.)

"The Strausses were active in the Jewish underground movement which opposed British rule of Palestine." (The rewards of one Zionist dream.)



aangirfan: Sex and Blair's cabinet



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UK Green Party Leader, Natalie Bennett, who is from Sydney, Australia.

Do all the political parties secretly work for the corrupt elite?

To its credit, the Green Party in the UK:

1. Opposed the bombing of Libya.

2. Is anti-nuclear.

3. Is in favour of 'community banks, credit unions and mutuals'.

4. Is in favour of independence for Scotland.

Caroline Lucas.

The 'top people' in the Green Party in the UK are Jewish - Caroline Lucas and Patrick Harvie.

On BBC radio's Any Questions, Caroline Lucas, the Green Party's only Member of the UK Parliament, was asked:
"We've just seen over the past two days on the news about the terrorist attacks in India. This follows the terrorist attacks of 9/11, 7/7, the Madrid bombings, Bali bombings and many others. Can extremist ever be defeated."
Caroline Lucas replied:

"The situation in Palestine... with the ongoing Israeli occupation... means that there is... a fertile breeding ground for extremists to flourish. So I think that if we are to defeat extremism then we have to go to the root causes of it - we have to look in particular at how marginalised communities are being treated, we have to look in particular about countries like Palestine."

Note that she does does not say that 9 11 was an inside job.

New Statesman cover

In the UK, the Green Party has a new leader, Natalie Bennett.

Natalie Bennett worked for The Guardian, which is said to be run by the British security service MI6, and which is said to be secretly Zionist.

Only 3,127 ballot papers were returned in the 2012 Green Party leadership elections, which is a turnout of just 25.1%[11].

Natalie Bennett has accused the Labour Party, the party of Tony Blair, of "failing to offer a real alternative" to Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative-Liberal-Democrat coalition government.

Natalie Bennett has attacked Labour leader Ed Miliband for backing nuclear power and "unsustainable growth".

(Ed Miliband is Jewish)

Natalie Bennett says that on issues, such as National Health Service (NHS) reforms, low pay and the railways - the Greens are now the real opposition.

The Green Party opposes Academy schools.

Natalie Bennett accuses Labour of going against its traditions by being tough on immigrants and benefit recipients.

Patrick Harvie

The Green party currently has one Member of the UK Parliament (Caroline Lucas), two members of the Scottish Parliament (one of whom is Patrick Harvie), two Members of the European Parliament, and 134 councillors.


Natalie Bennett on homeopathy: I absolutely do not believe that homeopathy works 

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Victor Rothschild, said to have influenced Churchill, Thatcher, Heath...

T Stokes, who claims to have had links to the UK security services, believes that the Rothschilds exercise great power in the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.

Lord Archer of Sandwell
Peter Archer


1. Lord Archer of Sandwell (Peter Kingsley Archer) was noticed by recruiters for certain spooks, while studying at the London School of Economics.

He was very swiftly given a seat in the UK parliament and a job in government.

(Others who were 'parachuted' into parliament include Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Labour Party leader Ed Miliband)

Lord Goodman

2. Archer 'was a Rothschild man'.

Reportedly, Lord Victor Rothschild used the Jewish Lord Goodman to direct Archer.

Jeremy Thorpe.

3. Reportedly, it was Lord Goodman and Peter Archer who helped bring about the acquittal of Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe, when he was on trial for the attempted murder of a male prostitute, in 1979.

The police's Operation Arundel and Operation Ore looked into child sexual abuse.

Reportedly, these police operations linked Thorpe with Sir Anthony Blunt and Tom Driberg.

Blunt reportedly worked for Lord Victor Rothschild.

4. Lord Goodman 'was Mr. Fixer' to the wealthy Jews who surrounded and funded Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

UK Prime Minister Edward Heath (left)

T Stokes tells that Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe and Conservative Party leader Edward Heath had one thing in common.

The Wheel of Fortune By T Stokes on September 6, 2011

According to T Stokes, BBC disc jockey Allan ‘Fluff’ Freeman owned a shop in Lea Bridge Rd. London, and 'this was where young boys from several care homes would be brought in by taxis for the night'.  


Reportedly, those who visited the shop included Jimmy Saville, Jonathan King, Joe Meeks and on occasion Brian Epstein.

The local police chief discovered that Liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe and other top politicians attended 'kinky parties' at the shop in Lea Bridge Road.

Reportedly Jeremy Thorpe had a taste for young street boys and runaway teenagers.

Scott (left) and Thorpe.

Thorpe was put on trial for the attempted murder of male prostitute Norman Scott.

Reportedly, 'Thorpe threatened to expose the perversions of many members of government'.

Thorpe got off ‘Scott free’.


Sir Edward Heath, UK prime minister from 1970-74, "was known to visit the Jersey care home the Haute Garrene among others to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht."

([2011] JERSEY:  Children were loaned to rich paedophile yachtsmen

Heath was warned on 4 occasions by the head of the Metropolitan police not to try to pick up young boys in public toilets.

"Late one night on the Thames embankment by the House of Commons a British prime minister approached a rent boy."

Reportedly, almost all the rent boys worked for the spooks - CIA, Mossad, MI5 and the KGB.

"The details of the encounter on the Thames embankment quickly ended up on the London KGB station chief’s desk."

Quite naturally, the KGB man handed the file to MI6, which had close links to Lord Victor Rothschild.


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