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"Consumer debt is now approaching £1.2 trillion, practically identical to the gross domestic product of the UK as a whole. Consumer debt has underpinned the economic boom, but the legacy for so many families will be disaster. Nearly a fifth of all income is now being used to service debt. That means it is back to the level it was when the economy crashed under the Conservatives in the early 1990s." BBC NEWS Politics Brown Budget 'missed opportunity'

Blair Confesses Iraq Invasion Disaster


51 % favour full independence. 39 % against... Vital gains forecast for SNP in swing from Labour

Berlusconi paper chase leads to Malta, trial begins next month

Blair Quizzed on Bilderberg

UK criminals and UK politicians

Farmer — Scots break is inevitable

Catholic leader backs Scottish independence

How the strong pound killed British industry

Jowell husband ‘hid files from prosecutors for seven years’

Trevor Brooks, spooks, John Reid and the TV cameras.

The Oligarchs want John Reid to succeed Blair and are giving him lots of kindly publicity?.....Frank Luntz

aangirfan: John Reid, UK Home Secretary, MP for Airdrie and Shotts

John Reid, the Christian Communist

Blair has picked his successor....

Blair pinched speech from The Grapes of Wrath

Clare Short attacks - Guardian Unlimited

The spies control the leaders of the political parties?

Whom do the oligarchs want as the person to replace Blair? Whom does MI6 want as Blair's replacement? Will David Miliband take over? Any clues in the media? Leader: It hasn't got to be Gordon'sNews review: Psychologically flooredaangirfan: MI5 and MI6

Labour turmoil as Scots back independence

Support doubles for Scottish independence

Clarke launches attack on 'stupid' Brown

Salmond: Blair at Bay

"Murdoch uncovered Prince Charles-Gordon Brown plot to oust Blair. Phony terror plan cooked up to derail coup plans. "

New Prescott row

The timing is political

The secret governments within governments

Sir Rodric Braithwaite, a former ambassador to Moscow and ex-chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, called for Mr Blair to resign immediately. Sir Rodric described the Prime Minister as programmed by the CIA... Blair 'must go and go now' as pressure mounts

“The country is going ‘Londoncentric’... Looking for work in Hull was never a consideration.” Brown’s cash blitz is hurting poorest areas - Sunday Times - Times ...

While Blair schmoozes four British soldiers die

Cabinet in open revolt over Israel

New questions for Prescott

Murdoch set to back Blair - for a place in his boardroom

George Galloway

Tony Benn

Sufficiently Israeli-American? Brown hit by Olympics contract

Tony Blair and George Bush G8 Bush's Slip Of The Tongue

Cherie Blair at centre of NHS sleaze row

Prescott 'did talk about dome casino'

Blair held meeting with key witness

UK Violent crime rises

Kick these Friends of Israel out of the UK parliament!

Lord Levy arrested over cash for honours scandal

Profile: Lord Levy

Levy has been a backroom boy in Israeli politics for many years - he still maintains a home in Tel Aviv. The Blair rich project

Prescott ducks questions about web gossip

Tessa's hubby to face trial

Labour's failed to sort out crime (but Blair blames everyone else)

Sack Gordon Brown 'Pre-emptive strike' as Brown supports £25 billion launchpad for ...

Pro-war parties suffer in UK. Labour and Tories suffer at polls

Can Labour hold on as SNP emerges victorious from latest poll?

Scotland to become independent?

Anti-Scottish Attacks Hide Truth About Who Benefits from UK

Portillo: England ‘no longer needs’ Scotland

North Sea applications hit peak

Now Gordon Brown Praises Thatcherism

Professor's Population Warnings Need SNP Solution

Botched reshuffle by Blair kept Reid from foreign secretary role

Brown’s reputation wilts as political heat turns up

Minister's wife named as new Ofsted chief

Jowell husband faces indictment hearing

Sack Ken Kivingstone! Blair Snub to Scotland Over Livingstone's Anti-Scottish Outburst

Tories plan pact with Labour to beat SNP

SNP Ridicule Tory-Labour Embrace

Commons to debate SNP Bill to Bring Home Scotland's Oil and Gas

Brother-in-law of First Minister buys five houses for £1

Niall Ferguson, professor of history at Harvard, supports independence for Scotland

Blair and Natalia

Police to quiz ex-Labour chairman over honours

Memo hints Jowell knew about 'bribe'

An investigation shows that conviction rates for many of the most violent crimes have been in freefall since Labour came to power in 1997 and are now well below 10 per cent. - Violent crime rate soars

By far the largest number of hidden unemployed in Scotland were found in Glasgow. Fothergill estimates that some 39,100 incapacity benefit claimants could work, and should therefore be on the official unemployment register. Revealed: grim truth of Scots unemployment

At just 12 years old, Joe's lost everything - his home, his family and his mum. His mother did everything to raise him but found it impossible to make ends meet and fell ill. Social services didn't have the resources to provide support...


The American Mafia and the UK

He partied into the early hours How Did Euan Blair Get His Pounds 50,000 Yale Scholarship?

JOWELL - Italians find ‘new evidence’ on Mills

An SNP-Liberal Democrat government in Scotland is 'now a distinct possibility'.

The people in charge in the United Kingdom: drugged, sleazy, corrupt, incompetent?

Tally of mishaps hits Blair's nuclear hopes

UK: Soldiers to get life in jail for refusing to act as occupiers

The next election in the UK; will there be some surprises?

Miliband's nuclear links

Breakdown of law and order in Scotland? Time for a change.

The man who should replace Blair,,1772188,00.html

Are you wealthy?

Polls Show McConnell Even Less Popular Than Blair

John-Reid, Karadzic, Lobbygate, NHS deficits, Commissioner for Standards, drugs

Straw called for normalization of relations with Hamas. Straw opposed military action against Iran. Did Israel order Blair to sack Straw?

The Cabinet

George Bush had Jack Straw sacked as UK Foreign Secretary?

UK cabinet changes

UK Cabinet changes

Vote fraud in UK local elections?

Police investigate vote-rigging claims

Terror suspect 'was not deported'

Did Charles Clarke release the 7 July London bombers?

Drugs gang allowed into UK

Blair A sorry legacy of rank incompetence

Reid UK Defence Secretary, Ronnie Campbell, drugs

SEX? "A time bomb is primed to go off under the Blairs. Or so the Mail assured us on 22 April, as it has been assuring us since September 2003. Originally, we were told the explosive device would be Carole Caplin's memoirs; now Caplin's mother, Sylvia, a medium, is dictating (appropriately enough) to a ghost writer. Either way, we are promised revelations about Leo and his MMR jab, and about how the Blairs consulted the spirit world on the location of Saddam Hussein's WMDs (so what? It makes as much sense as asking the intelligence services). It is hard to see that these disclosures can bring down the Prime Minister. But the Mail also insists, repeatedly, that we shall get details of Carole's "intimate" friendship with him, and if he survives the honours scandal, he won't survive that. The Mail's readers' ribs must be sore from all this nudging. What is being implied here? I think we should be told." Peter Wilby

Richard Lochhead of the Scottish National Party wins Moray by-election Richard Lochhead (SNP) 12,653 votes (46.15% of the vote, +3.95% increase) Mary Scanlon (Conservative) 6,268 (22.86%, +0.35%) Linda Gorn (Liberal Democrat) 5,310 (19.37%, +7.20%) Sandy Keith (Labour) 2,696 (9.83%, -9.28%) SNP majority 6,385 (23.29%) SNP sweeps to Moray by-election victorySex and Blair's cabinet

1000 foreign criminals allowed to walk free in UK

ABC News: Former Immigration Official Says Fraud, Corruption Rife ...

New Figures Show Oil Revenues at Record Levels


£2.5bn Immigrant contribution claim is yet another'dodgy dossier' April 25, 2006

Scottish Business Faces New £33 Million Tax Bill

NHS overspend is double

Levels of mutation in radioactively contaminated areas.

56% agreed with the statement: "The Labour Party has been in power too long in Scotland, it is time for a change." Only 28 per cent disagreed. Salmond jubilant as poll buoys nationalist election hopes

Topping the list for the chop, obviously, is Peter Peacock...Next out the door is Patricia Ferguson,,2090-2136737.html

David Miliband was named in covert tape recordings. Mr Smith said: "Miliband is going to be the next leader after Blair"...Blair favourite in honours row

Police probe 'government contracts for donations'SCOTLAND Yard is to investigate claims that multi-million-pound government contracts were handed out in exchange for donations to the Labour Party.

UK took part in Iran war games

UK Corruption inquiry moves closer to Tony Blair.....Guardian Unlimited

UK performance for the past six years has been the weakest in the G7 of industrialised nations. While Germany, the US, Canada, Japan, France and Italy have all been growing their manufacturing base, the UK's is fast diminishing...Selling off what little is left of British manufacturing

Peerage for Lockerbie lawyer : Storm grows as Scots law chief is made a peer News - Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked

SNP leader Salmond tops poll of public's choice for First Minister

Britain's Power Elites

Leading scientists attack Blair over nuclear power

Revealed: the 'black hole' in Blair's expenses

100 landings on Scots soil by US jets with torture links

A YouGov poll, commissioned by the party, found 29% of the 949 people who definitely intend to vote next May backing the Nationalists for their local constituency vote.That figure represents an increase of 5% from 2003 and compares to 30% supporting Labour - down from 35%.
Scottish National Party set to win many more seats in Scottish Parliament

JOWELL: Dame Sue Street, Permanent Secretary at the Department of Culture, announced she was resigning her £130,000- a-year job last week. The Mail on Sunday reported last night that Dame Sue, the most senior civil servant in Ms Jowell's department, had had a series of clashes with the Culture Secretary over the activities of David Mills. It said relations between the two women became strained over Ms Jowell's failure to register two of Mr Mills's business deals.... Top civil servant quits 'after rows with Jowell over business dealings'

Tycoon funded Hewitt election campaign

Official version of 7/7 London bombings does not make sense

The UK government's version of the events of 7/7 "will draw criticism for failing to address concerns as to why no action was taken against the bombers despite the fact that one of them, Mohammed Siddique Khan, was identified by intelligence officers months before the attack." Leak reveals story of 7/7 bombings

Breakfast with Clarke prompts 'cash for access' row

Labour consultant 'feeding frenzy'

UK local elections: anti-war Liberal-Democrats set to gain seats

Bird flu and the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St Andrews

Government by decree is unacceptable. That Labour should consider it exposes an alarming anti-democratic tendency. A dangerous lust for power

Pictures of naked people,,1745489,00.html

Serious Organised Crime


Confirmation that Britain has started contingency planning will undermine the claim last month by Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, that a military attack against Iran was "inconceivable". After the Rice visit, the UK holds: Secret Iran strike talks

US and UK forces establish 'enduring bases' in Iraq

True price of UK's nuclear legacy: £160bn

Blair blocked plan to cut emissions

Sainsbury faces probe on £2m loan

In the UK wealth is being transferred from the poor to the rich.

At the 2005 UK General Election Russell Brown became the Labour MP for the Dumfries and Galloway Constituency. Pro-war Labour candidate Russell Brown won the seat with his vote increasing 8.7%. Britain has tested DU shells in the Dumfries and Galloway area. Radiation reports showed serious contamination near Kirkcudbright, in Dumfries and Galloway. "Well above acceptable limits," the Ministry of Defence was to acknowledge later. (Robert Fisk The Independent 4 October 1999.) Russell Brown seems to be in favour of nuclear energy. It was the Dumfries and Galloway police who investigated the Lockerbie explosion. Here are some pictures of Dumfries:

Tony Blair and Bangbang

UK : "Each week, a murder or rape is committed by offenders supposedly under supervision. Yet, even knee-deep in evidence of its own failure, the National Probation Service cannot acknowledge its inability to reform these criminals. It is all a deadly con trick, writes David Fraser, who spent years working in the service." Telegraph News Crime and capitulation

The Bosses' Pension Vision

Prescott and Greek Cypriots.

Top heroin gang; UK politicians; UK customs.

Two of the businessmen who lent money to the Labour party, Sir David Garrard and Andrew Rosenfeld, are involved in an investigation over a corporate collapse that has left 3,500 pensioners high and dry. Labour lenders embroiled in inquiry into Allders failure

Mr Halevy 's Mossad career is a world away from the happy childhood he enjoyed in north London. He... attended Hackney Downs School... Lord Levy, who doubles as Tony Blair's Middle East troubleshooter when not raising Labour Party loans, attended the school, and Mr Halevy has met him several times in Israel... "Tony Blair has a realistic view of the position of Israel and he has the interests of Israel at heart." The man from Mossad

UK political sleaze

Prescott caught in loans row

Prescott's loan deal

UK police

Investigation launched after McKie lawyers’ computer files stolen

UK crime

When life is not life : UK criminals are being released from jail little more than a year after they have been sentenced to life imprisonment, the Government has admitted.

Nuclear Nuclear clean-up costs soar

Latest footage of London Bomber: More evidence of a frame up

What really happened in Kosovo

Oct 2005 Aldridge makes £1 million loan to Blair's Labour Party

Nov 2005 Aldridge offered post of head of Gordon Brown's youth community scheme

Dec 2005 Capita has £1.4 billion annual turnover, 53 per cent from public sector contracts

Chancellor caught in loans row

UK Budget

Scotland Forgotten as Brown Goes British

Budget small print forecasts £74 billion oil revenues

Chai Patel, the head of the Priory rehab clinics and a Labour nominee for a peerage, lent the party £1.5m last summer

Dr Chai Patel and Sleaze Society Jay Rayner: A home unfit for heroes

Priory chief faced misconduct charge,8150,1295784,00.html

Brown Budget 'missed opportunity'


7-29-99 Express Newspapers:"THE husband of Health Minister Tessa Jowell is to be questioned by Scotland Yard as part of an investigation into a shipment of blood infected with the deadly HIV virus...

"Italian magistrates are investigating a London-based company which was behind the planned shipment of 25 tons of blood plasma worth up to £2million from a port in Italy.

"In another episode Mr Mills was caught up in a nuclear waste controversy. A company he had formed for clients was named in a Greenpeace report into toxic waste dumping at sea."

Jowell Hydrofoils

The end of the Prime Monster, Anthony Bliar? Finally, it is end of the road for Tony Blair

15 Million Brits Losing Savings in Blair's Supposed Safe Bet

Who bankrolls the politicians?

Jeremy Thorpe, a stable lad, Jack Straw and the security services

Kelly's £72,000 expenses claims are queried

Revealed: Blair's secret role in loans scandal Blair's role in scandal

The Plot Against Harold Wilson - what they missed out.

Most journalists are fools?

Britain: Tessa Jowell and the politics of kleptocracy

MI5, Camp Delta, and the story that shames Britain

Dalyell suggests Blair was "unduly influenced" by figures including Lord Levy, Labour’s chief fund-raiser

Salmond Comments on Sean Connery

The Bush administration made plans for war and for Iraq's oil before the 9/11 attacks, sparking a policy battle between neo-cons and Big Oil, BBC's Newsnight has revealed.

Salmond says Brown can undo oil damage

Israel attacks Palestinian jail 'with the help of USA and UK'. aggression, British betrayal

Blair's 'Jewish paymasters'

aangirfan: The Israelification of British and American society.

UK diplomat's memo to Blair about Iraq: . A lack of interest by the US commander, General Tommy Franks, in the post-invasion phase. · The presence in the capital of the US Third Infantry Division, which took a heavyhanded approach to security. · Bechtel, the main US civilian contractor, moving too slowly to reconnect basic services, such as electricity and water. · Failure to deal with health hazards, such as 40% of Baghdad's sewage pouring into the Tigris and rubbish piling up in the streets.,,1730427,00.html

Salmond Launches Plan to Extend North Sea's Working Life

What really happened to Yugoslavia.

The cover-up of the biggest act of terrorism in the UK

I didn't join the British Army to conduct American foreign policy

Blair - Jowell
The Blair's mortgage debt of 'almost £4 million'.

Jowell accused in fresh loans row

Jowell 'misled' officials over Mills Iran link

Blair gave 'honours for loans'

Long live Glenda Jackson and Kate Hoey

Blair's Britain: more living below the poverty line; more billionaires.

Jowell - Prosecutors call for Mills and Berlusconi to face trial

How UK civil servant Michael Israel Michaels helped Israel get nuclear weapons.

Diana, Lord Stevens and IOPS

US control of UK police and courts? FBI ordered McKie case 'swept under carpet

'US control of UK members of parliament?The McKie case, in Scotland, was about fingerprint evidence. "It was alleged yesterday that the McKie inquiry was closed down as a result of involvement by the FBI who were concerned that question marks... would spread to the Lockerbie case... Members of the Scottish Parliament yesterday rejected by 64 votes to 51 the SNP motion, which claimed the issues in the McKie case went to the heart of public trust in the criminal justice system. Court costs ruling may open new chapter in McKie case


Jowell: On Monday, in a carefully-worded statement, Miss Jowell said she had never heard of the Old Monk Company nor the transactions until last weekend. "I understand the shares were never owned by my husband," she said.At the weekend, Mr Mills said the shares were bought by a trust, which was held on behalf of a client, in his name. But he had no beneficial ownership and his wife knew nothing about it.Sky News claimed it had seen documents which accountants said showed he was the beneficial owner of the company that bought the shares.Fresh blow for Jowell as Tories press for renewed investigation

Court documents seen by the Guardian show that while Mr Mills was never the owner of the offshore company that bought the Old Monk shares, he did receive the profits from its investments, including the one made in the pub chain, both directly and indirectly. The documents also include a claim by the company's owner that Mr Mills had assured him that all the investments were "his personal assets". Testimony links pub chain profit to Mills

Mr Mills and the Mob, an offer he couldn't refuse?

Blair minister Margaret Hodge; Margaret Oppenheimer; child abuse in Islington

Peter and Gordon

"I think Tessa is a very, very honest woman and I have a lot of confidence in her and so do her colleagues," Mr Benn told ITV1's Jonathan Dimbleby show...However, there was little visible support for Ms Jowell among the Cabinet's "big hitters".
Tories scent blood as the Jowell affair refuses to go away

"Tess Jowell...Now single again , she is available for... bar mitzvahs and discussing the BBC TV License fee.... maybe even foreign media take over of ailing ITV?"
BBC ... never late with the real news.

Britain gives the green light to GM terminator technology

Jowell - Jowell and Mills and a pub deal and intrigue in Iran

Analysis: Jowell separation

Mills set up a company whose directors included Mr Dell'Utri who acted 'as the intermediary between Silvio Berlusconi's political party and the mafia'. Mr Dell'Utri's 'mafia links began in his youth', a Palermo court heard, 'and in 1993 he met with the the mafia's governing Cupola to successfully solicit its vote-gathering powers on behalf of Mr Berlusconi'.
Mills linked to mafia go-between

Ministers, moguls and murky deals

Mexico and Indonesia 'will overtake British economy'

Jowell and the drink problem

Jowell and 'thickset men with Italian names from Las Vegas'

Jowell is to face questions over how she secured crucial Italian support for the 2012 London Games. According to the Independent newspaper, sources from various cities in the 2012 bid said that powerful International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Mario Pescante, who as Italian Sports Minister was answerable to Berlusconi, became a surprise convert to London after initially backing it’s main rival Paris. The source said, “we were astounded and perplexed by his support for London. There was a belief that Berlusconi would virtually order Mr. Pescante to back London”.
Support For London 2012 Bid May Have Been Influenced

Blair ministers 'have close relationships with US casino chiefs'

"Mills was under long term surveillance by the Serious Fraud Office for numerous dubious financial transactions. Approximately nine years ago, his office was actually raided by the SFO. As the investigation drew to a close, New Labour came to power. An inside source tells me that SFO staff believed they had a good case, and wondered whether his friendship with the new Prime Minister Blair had any bearing on it not coming to court. A Sunday Times Insight investigation into Mills was spiked by the editors."
UK Indymedia - Jowell's husband under investigation by UK Fraud Office

Corriere della Sera, ran a graphic account of the trappings of wealth that the Blairs have been gifted by Mr Berlusconi, cruelly nicknaming the Blairs the "Sultans of Bling".

David Mills updated 7 February

Blair Approval Rating Falls to 28%

UK radiation jump blamed on Iraq shells. RADIATION detectors in Britain recorded a fourfold increase in uranium levels in the atmosphere after the “shock and awe” bombing campaign against Iraq, according to a report. Environmental scientists who uncovered the figures through freedom of information laws say it is evidence that depleted uranium from the shells was carried by wind currents to Britain.,,2087-2047373,00.html

Blair, Jowell and the Mafia

Blair in more Mafia Links

Blair minister
Jowell link to Italian payoff

Operation Gladio: Template for the War on Terror

Kick out Darling

Blair selling UK to the USA?
American engineers in line for jobs until 2080 on Britain's nuclear clean-up

John Reid and the brutal beating of teenagers

Manchester United and the plot that never was.

9 11 was not the first act of terror
Terror in Europe - The Stay Behind Groups run by the security services.

One Thousand A Month Tortured To Death In Iraq

Lockerbie - new forensic tests suggest evidence was planted by the CIA

McKie case linked to Lockerbie; Scottish justice controlled by the CIA? Reputation of Scottish justice in ruins?

Lockerbie Trial Document: Susan Lindauer Deposition
Lockerbie: the politics and dirty tricks

Berlusconi Mills Jowell Berlusconi may face new graft charges

SNP secure surprise win in by-election

The top government prosecutor and trials that appear to be rigged.

Torture and death of British children; the death of Gareth.

blair - Windows Media



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