Monday, January 15, 2007

New Labour

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"Porn star past of Cherie Blair's best friend...Dwina Murphy-Gibb appeared in several blue movies in the early Seventies....Mr Waterfield, 63, a former porn baron who now lives in a remote bamboo hut near Chiang Mai in northern Thailand with his pregnant Thai fiancee, said he was 'amazed' someone with Dwina's background was allowed into Downing Street... Recalling their two-year romance, he said Dwina was fascinated by tarot cards, spiritualism and 'witchery' which he said was nurtured by bohemian friends with an interest in the occult."The porn star past of Cherie Blair's best friend - according to ...

"Sir Alistair Graham will savage Labour's botched introduction of postal voting, claiming it has left Britain's electoral system wide open to fraud... He has attacked Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell for not knowing her mortgage was paid off with money from her husband's Italian business clients."Government watchdog set to attack Labour party

Blair and the 'Zionist , neo-con cabals that have hi-jacked, not aeroplanes, but Governments and their Armies.' Blair and 'AIPAC, NDL, AEI, the red blooded Zionists in powerful position in America, Perle, Kissinger, Wurmser (Mr & Mrs) the deputy leader of the Democrats etc., Lord Levy his personal Middle East envoy and school chum of Halevy the ex head of Mossad and his financiers who have put Blair into power...' Tony Blair - Comfort "The Joy of Sex" and hard and...



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