Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday Tony Blair ( "Labour Pie")

"McConnell himself, in an interview published in Seven Days today, describes Motherwell town centre - in his own constituency - as a "pigsty", and there are many other small towns throughout Scotland that are similarly blighted. These are towns that have been run by Labour for decades." 'A vote for change is a leap of faith. It's a leap this newspaper is prepared to make'

Revealed: Labour’s voting scandal

"A total of 433,000 applications for postal ballots has been received - three times more than at the last Holyrood election in 2003... It is slightly surprising that so many people should have altered their voting practice so suddenly: normally such changes take a long time to bed in. Nearly 15% of the electorate in Dundee have applied for postal votes; that is the kind of phenomenon that raises fears and invites speculation. What is thoroughly alarming is the fact that this ballot-box revolution is taking place in a relatively uncontrolled, even chaotic, environment. Astonishingly and reprehensibly, there is absolutely no mechanism for checking the authenticity of these postal ballot applications." A threat to democracy

Rise in poverty worse than stated The Declaration of Scotstoun 2007


SNP Party Broadcast - Election 2007 - It's Time



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