Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Labour - New Deception

UK Health Service collapsing - who gains? The consortium trading as Octagon Healthcare and headed by Richard Jewson, the multi-millionaire heir to the Jewson family timber fortune, geared up the hospital project's borrowing in 2003 from £200m to £306m in a bid to make refinancing gains of £116m. Of that, £82m cascaded back to the consortium, helping the partners increase the rate of returns on their investments from under 20% to 60%. - Barclays in NHS rip-off scandal This is Money

Goldsmith 'told Army to ignore Rights Act' in Iraq

Kieran cannot read. 'I've got special needs,' says the youngster, looking down at his hands, 'but they didn't know until I was 11.' - No one noticed 11-year-old couldn't read

'In 1989, you needed 48 % to get a C grade in GCSE maths; 11 years later, that figure was 18 %.' - Parents can reclaim the education system

Blair government's encouragement of terror?
1. 'Extremist groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir are not banned.'

2. 'The extremist preacher Abu Hamza was left free to foment hatred against this country for years.'

3. 'The DNA database holds data on 100,000 innocent children, but serious criminals are left off.'

4. 'Experts say that ID cards will cluster our personal information in one place, making it a prime target for criminals and terrorists.'5. Three terror suspects escape. 'Why did the Government wait two days to release their names, allowing them to flee the country through Labour's lax border controls?' Anti-terrorism powers are not used against the real threats

Labour MPs plot to strip Salmond of nuclear veto powers

'Real Labour' candidate exploits expenses loophole to move to Notting Hill

Blair's Labour Party - Sarwar’s son guilty of £850,000 money laundering - The son of a Scottish Labour MP has been found guilty of laundering almost £850,000 through the wholesale business established by his father.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Tony Blair - New Labour Record

Average household debt:

1997 - £16,155

2007 - £54,318


11.5 per cent of pupils are still taught in classes of 30 or more

Labour Party membership:

1997 - 405,000

2007 - 198,500


Violent crime has doubled over the Blair years. (News of the World: News)

Defence spending

1997 - £21 billion

2007 - £32 billion.