Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Labour - New Disasters

"After Labour had been six years in power, still 26% of all three-year-old children were poor." - Babies who need big money and unflagging commitment Special ...

Attorney-general knew of BAE and the £1bn. Then concealed it,,2098232,00.html

Anger at Blair's 'secret deal' to sign new EU constitution

Tony Blair secretly agreed European treaty blueprint - Dilemma for Brown as Blair plans EU deal

Former SNP leader in bid to have Blair prosecuted over Iraq

"Documents released by the Cabinet Office under the 30-year rule show that Scotland would be richer if it was independent. A 1975 memo by Sir Kenneth Berrill, head of the central policy review staff, said Scotland could 'go it alone' on the profits of North Sea oil."- BBC NEWS Scotland SNP seizes on North Sea oil memo

Lockerbie Bomb - a deal being done - to prevent a successful appeal by Megrahi?
Lockerbie Bomb - a deal being done - to prevent a ...

Saudi Arabia, the CIA, bin Laden and Israel