Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The campaign in Afghanistan is a patriotic duty.

This is a speech not made by Gordon Brown.

"I know that this has been a difficult summer.

These sacrifices that have hurt so many families in our country are ones that the whole of Britain will want to acknowledge.

The campaign in Afghanistan is a patriotic duty.

The USA needs to keep the heroin flowing into Europe.

Heroin profits help to finance the CIA's terrorist operations.

The USA needs military bases in Afghanistan, because Afghanistan is next door to Iran, Pakistan, China and other countries that we want to destabilise.

To the north of Afghanistan lie huge quantities of oil and gas. We want to control the oil, the gas and the pipelines.

When it comes to the threat of terrorist attacks on the streets of Britain, just remember that Britain has a long history of arming and using militant Moslem groups to carry out acts of terrorism.

Britain used militant Moslems in Sumatra to undermine Sukarno.

Britain used the Moslem Brotherhood to undermine nationalists in Egypt, Syria and Iran.

Some of Bin Laden's mujahadeen trained in Britain.

And the so-called mastermind of the London tube bombings, Mr Aswat, apparently worked for MI6 in the Balkans.

Our troops are making progress as they attempt to turn Afghanistan into an American colony.

And what about all these Pakis in your neighbourhood?

I can assure you that they are useful as cheap labour; and they mainly vote for Labour.

Some of our leading councillors are Pakis and they have done very well financially, thanks to us.

Remember to fly the flag."

That was a speech not made by Gordon Brown.