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Some polls are more honest than others (

In the UK, The Observer newspaper's Ipsos-Mori poll, of 22 November 2009, made it look as if Gordon Brown's Labour Party was only 6% behind the opposition Tory Party. (Opinion poll raises spectre of hung British parliament)

It looks as if the poll was designed to explain Labour's 'good' performance in the Glasgow North East by-election. (VOTE FRAUD IN UK BY-ELECTION IN GLASGOW NORTH EAST)

Reportedly, "another of the big pollsters had a survey in the field at the same time and it showed a fourteen point Tory lead."

"A new poll for Political Betting has Labour down on 22, only a point ahead of the Lib Dems." - (A poll taken at the same time as the Ipsos-Mori poll had the Tories 14 points ahead - James Forsyth)



David Cameron and Tory pals to make £7million from inheritance tax changes if ...

Intelligence services 'fully aware' and 'grateful' that Pakistan was torturing ...

Friday, November 13, 2009


On 13 November 2009, in the UK, it was announced that Gordon Brown's Labour Party had won the by-election in Glasgow North East.

The poll, in Labour's safest seat in Scotland, was caused by the resignation of the former Commons speaker, Michael Martin.

In 2005, Labour candidate Michael Martin took the seat with 15,153 votes. This time the Labour candidate, Willie Bain, took the seat with 12,231 votes.

The Scottish National Party came second with 4120 votes.

It is suspected that the Labour Party's Willie Bain may have benefited from vote fraud.

1. Police are investigating reports of voting fraud with multiple voting at polling stations.

At the St Denis's polling station, police were called in by staff after voters turned up to be told their vote has already been cast.

"We have had three incidents at polling stations today where voters turned up and their name had already been crossed off," said a council spokesman. (Labour wins Glasgow North East by-election )

2. The Scotsman claims that over 6,000 people registered for postal votes in Glasgow North East, which is 10 percent of eligible voters.

(Surely not that many people can be bed ridden or in absentia, even in Glasgow North East? - Electoral fraud)

3. The Scottish National Party's Alex Salmond "told the Guardian that he had been very surprised at the large number of late postal vote applications submitted in this campaign.

"Around 1,100 were made in the three days before applications closed." - SNP braced for second rigged byelection; defeat by Labour

4. "Glasgow City Council reported over 6000 registered postal votes, a rise of some 2000 over the last two months which accounts for 30% of votes cast, surely some kind of record in there too.

"Equally chilling is the revelation that over 4000 extra voters have been added to the electoral register in the last month, accounting for 25% of those that voted." -

David Kerr - a member of Opus Dei (Photo from

Willie Bain is the 'successful' Labour Party (government party) candidate.

"Willie Bain, alone amongst the candidates, confirmed that he supports spending BILLIONS on a Trident renewal despite running to represent one of the poorest areas in the country." WILLIE'S WARHEADS

The Tory's lesbian candidate just beat the BNP in the race for third place in Glasgow.

The SNP did not have the most suitable of candidates in the by-election.

The SNP candidate for the Glasgow North East constituency was David Kerr, a member of Opus Dei, which has been linked to the CIA and fascism.

Kerr at first oposed the release of Megrahi, the alleged Lockerbie bomber. (SNP hopeful attacked for membership of Opus Dei - Catholic Herald.) Does Kerr work for MI6?


What does a vote for Labour mean?

It means a vote in favour of WAR and POVERTY.

This is what the stupid and cowardly LABOUR voters voted for (GLASGOW NE: WELCOME TAE YER GORY BED):

74 Years of Neglect
Graduate Fees
Lowest Life Expectancy in Western Europe
Highest Unemployment since 1992
Highest National Debt in living memory
Local School Closures
300 Teachers cut throughout Glasgow
Iraq War
Afghan War
Under Re-sourced Soldiers
Banking Bonuses
MP's Expenses
Cash for Peerages
Non-elected Lords in Government
Privatising Royal Mail
Privatising Schools
Privatising NHS
Private Finance Initiative Debt
Hospital Carpark Fee's
Post Office Closures
Abolishing 10p Tax
Welfare Reform
Council Tax
New Nuclear Power
Trident Renewal
Abolishing Scottish Regiments
De-regulation of the Banks
No Airgun Ban


Looks like GLENROTHES election WAS RIGGED, like 2004 ELECTION in the USA

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Kim Howells is chairman of the UK's Intelligence and Security Committee, a Committee of Parliamentarians that oversees the work of Britain's intelligence and security agencies.

Kim Howells was a Communist, just like his father. (Kim Howells - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Kim Howells, like so many Russian communists in the past, is a close friend of Israel.

According to Henry Porter, in The Guardian, on 4 November 2009, Kim Howells is "now advocating authoritarian policies that attack the very essence of our free society" (Out of Afghanistan, into a police state)

According to Howells, "Our police forces, intelligence and border agencies have mammoth tasks.

"Their budgets already are much larger than they were in the years prior to the attacks on New York and London in 2001 and 2005, but they will have to grow larger still if they are to prevent further atrocities, not least when the eyes of the world will be on London during the 2012 Olympics."

Henry Porter writes: "It's been clear for some time that Britain's Olympics will be used to introduce irreversible changes to our country and place it in a new category of society, which through fear and inattention has slipped from freedom into a new form of police state."

Kim Howells, son of a communist, former local representative of the Communist Party of Great Britain, friend of Israel and chair of the Britain's Intelligence and Security Committee.

How does Israel manage to control the leaders of the USA and Europe?

L.G. Pine, the Editor of Burke's Peerage, wrote:

Jews "have made themselves so closely connected with the British peerage that the two classes are unlikely to suffer loss which is not mutual.

"So closely linked are the Jews and the lords that a blow against the Jews in this country would not be possible without injuring the aristocracy also."

(Tales of the British Aristocracy 1957, p.219. Churchill and the Jews)

There is a belief that the many of the top people in the USA and Russia are linked to 'friends of Israel'.

"The fact is that Yeltsin was a hired tool whose job it was to turn Russia's wealth over to the same cartel of Jewish racketeers who controlled Clinton." (Digg - Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin dies)

South Africa's deputy foreign minister, Fatima Hajaig, allegedly told a political rally that Jews "control America, no matter which government comes into power... Their control of America, just like the control of most western countries, is in the hands of Jewish money." ('Jewish money' controls U.S.: African diplomat The Agonist)

David cameron, a Zionist and the Leader of the UK Conservative Party

Redress Information & Analysis, on 9 February 2009, wrote about Israel’s agents of influence in Britain

Among the points made:

1. The Arab world is a major source of oil for the US and UK.

It is a huge market for American and British goods.

2. Israel has very little in the way of important resources.

Israel is a tiny market for US and UK exports, having a population of only six million.

Israel's hi-tech industry is there by the grace of US production licences.

3. Israel's nuclear weapons cannot give it real control of its neighbours. Its nuclear weapons will simply encourage its neighbours to get nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

4. So, why do the US and UK support Israel?

Israeli agents have infiltrated the British and US governments.

As Stuart Littlewood points out:

The corridors of power at Westminster are swarming with Israel supporters.

5. Who controls Britain's security services?

Britain's Intelligence and Security Committee has oversight of MI5, MI6, and GCHQ.

The Israel lobby now dominates this committee.

Kim Howells, a one-time chairman of Labour Friends of Israel, has become the chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee.

The nine members of the committee are:

* Dr Kim Howells MP (Chair)
* Michael Ancram MP
* Sir Alan Beith MP
* Mr Ben Chapman MP
* Lord Foulkes of Cumnock
* George Howarth MP
* Michael Mates MP
* Richard Ottaway MP
* Ms Dari Taylor MP

Sir Alan Beith presides over the Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel.

6. Some agents of Israel enter the British civil service.

In the 1960s, civil servant Mike Michaels facilitated British nuclear sales to Israel without ministers’ consent.


Israel's top leaders all belong to the same 'fascist' gang. Likud’s Netanyahu, Kadima’s Livini, Israel our Home’s Lieberman were, previously, leaders in the Likud party.

Tzipi Livni is a former agent of Mossad. Netanyahu’s wife Sareh was a Mossad agent. Ehud Barak was a friend of Netanyahu’s brother, Yoni, and they worked together in the Israeli commandos. - Yes, we do hate democracy


Spirit of Sixties revived as student protests at links with Israel spread

Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them