Friday, December 11, 2009


Rich and poor in Sao Paulo

There is a lot of wealth in the UK.

BUT, "the least well-off half of households own just 9 per cent of the wealth."

The rich have large pensions; and they have large houses, usually in the South East of England.

The typical poor family, for example in parts of Glasgow, has no private pension and no privately owned house.

They earn about £5 per hour.

Their wealth consists mainly of physical possessions such as a TV or clothing.

Life expectancy can be as low as in the Third World.

The median net financial wealth for people in the UK is just £5,200.

Poorest half of UK owns just 9% of wealth

Britain's 'average' family worth £204000

Thursday, December 03, 2009


UK 1901.

By being pals with the Pentagon, Tony Blair damaged Britain.

In the UK, Blair and Brown have made the poor much poorer.

Blair and Brown's Labour Party has damaged Britain.

A news story in the Financial Times gives us the details, and refers to a setback for Brown as poverty rises

The number of very poor households, earning less than 40 % of the average, is at its highest level for 25 years.

31 % of children are in low-income households.

Globalisation and immigration have helped reduce wages.

Long-term unemployment continues.

Many people are severely underpaid.

Blair and Brown made Britain a country of crooked bankers, rich estate agents and over-paid and often useless public sector workers.

Manufacturing has faded under Labour

According to a Financial Times study, the importance of manufacturing to the UK economy declined more rapidly under Labour than it did under Margaret Thatcher.

In 1997, when Blair came to power, manufacturing accounted for more than 20 % of the UK economy.

By 2007, manufacturing accounted for 12.4 % of the UK economy.

Under Labour, real estate has risen from 12.6 % of the economy to an estimated 16.2 %.