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Scott Simpson

A review of Minnesota's database of registered voters revealed that at least 2,812 dead people voted in the November 2008 general election (freerepublic.posts)

Sport gets rigged.

(On 2 May 2010 it was reported that John Higgins appeared to agree to accept bribes in return for losing at snooker - Pot (kettle) black)

Who really pulls the strings in Aberdeen (or Zimbabwe)?

In the UK general election, the unpopular Labour Party won 59 seats that it was not expected to win.

This is according to Ladbrokes, the betting firm. (timesonline/politics/)

Unexpected Labour wins included Birmingham Edgbaston, Cardiff South, Tooting, Gedling, Hammersmith Telford and Exeter...

The popular Liberal Democrats lost 13 seats that they were not expected to lose, according to Ladbrokes.

Was vote rigging involved?

Who voted for Labour, the party of Tony Blair?

There appears to have been no vote rigging in Redcar, which was a 'safe' Labour seat.

Liberal Democrat Ian Swales overturned a 12,000 Labour majority to win Redcar.

But, what about Birmingham Edgbaston, which was marginal?

Labour's Gisela Stuart mysteriously clung on to the Birmingham Edgbaston seat with a majority of 1,274.

Alfie McKenzie is a 14-year-old schoolboy.

In the UK, election officials handed Alfie McKenzie a ballot paper without querying his identity. (dailymail.D)

The legal voting age is 18.

UK voters (outside Northern Ireland) are not required to show identification.

In the 1950s the UK electoral register reflected 98% of the adult population.

Today, it is about 91%. (Going postal)

Workers in Aberdeen (or Bangkok)

Inaccurate voters' rolls are what lead to fraud in third-world elections.

The Daily Mail claims it has evidence of 'massive postal-vote rigging'.

Police around the UK have confirmed that they are launching dozens of criminal inquiries.

In some London boroughs, electoral rolls are said to have been packed with bogus voters. (Going postal )

The Labour Party has done surprisingly well in these boroughs.

When a journalist from the Independent went to Bow to investigate, a group of Asian men allegedly beat him up.

Is People Power usually rigged? Have the usual spooky people infiltrated the Thaksin 'red' protest movement? (THAILAND - soldiers open fire.)

In the UK, Asians are among those often convicted of electoral fraud.

British Asians, who often vote Labour, make up half of all those convicted since 2000. (Going postal

Biraderi, Pakistani brotherhood networks, are used to support certain candidates. (Going postal )

The biraderi make use of postal votes.

In some areas, such as Oldham, over half of all ballots are postal. (Going postal )

Allegedly, supporters of the Labour party apply for postal ballots for non-existent or ineligible voters.

Residents of one small home in Tower Hamlets, for example, where five adults were previously registered, reportedly applied for an extra seven postal votes. (Going postal)

Party supporters registering fake applicants for postal votes can easily supply fake signatures too.

There are reports that not all postal votes are subjected to checks.

Aberdeen (or Rovinj) on a good day.

The Liberal Democrats looked like they might win Aberdeen South.

But the Labour Party's Anne Begg managed to hold onto the seat.

In 2005, there was an investigation into postal voting in Aberdeen South. (Scotland: VOTE FRAUD IN THE UK ELECTION?)

Aberdeen South is at the centre of the Hollie Greig case. (CHILD ABUSE - THE BIGGER PICTURE)

And Aberdeen is also linked to 'serial sex offender' Stephen Leisk, jailed in 1997 for strangling 9 year-old Scott Simpson. (Sex offender given life for murder - News - The Independent)

At the time of the murder, Leisk was under the supervision of the local council.

Stephen Leisk could be eligible for parole in 2017.

Police failed to find Scott's body, despite searching the lane in which it was eventually found.

"The social work department who were supervising the accused's release on licence were aware that the accused was residing directly opposite the place where Scott was last seen alive.

"They took no steps to convey that information to police."

Leisk had been an army medical orderly in the Falklands.


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Miliband and Hilary

In April 2010, David Miliband met Barack Obama. (dailymail.Z)

If the UK general election has been rigged, then perhaps we will end up with the following in the UK cabinet:

Prime Minister: David Miliband (Blair appears to choose his successor - David Miliband.)

Foreign Secretary: Peter Mandelson (RICH GUYS RIPPING PEOPLE OFF?)

Chancellor of the Exchequer: Vince Cable (The new terror / THE CLASSIC MAN OF THE PEOPLE HAS CONNECTIONS TO THE SPOOKS)

A Liberal Democrat - Labour alliance could be run by Peter Mandelson, David and Ed Miliband, Jack straw, Vince Cable, and Chris Huhne all of whom reportedly have Jewish roots.

Of course, there is no guarantee that Miliband will become leader of the Labour party. (David Miliband is favourite to be next Labour leader - LeftWatch )

And there is no guarantee that the Liberal Democrats will do a deal with Labour.

The Guardian tells us how a Labour- Liberal Democrat coalition deal might work :

"Nicol Stephen, the former Lib Dem leader in Scotland, has said that about a third of Lib Dems would say they'd rather do anything than do a deal with the Conservatives. A similar proportion would feel the same way about getting into bed with Labour, and the final third would rather do a deal with neither...

"Labour's 258 seats combined with the Lib Dems' 57 would give them a total of 315 in the Commons – eight seats short of an outright majority of 323.

"The three (Irish) SDLP MPs would normally be expected to vote with Labour and the Northern Irish Alliance party MP, Naomi Long, would also be expected to vote with the Lib Dems. It is believed Lab-Lib would then turn next to Caroline Lucas, the Greens' first MP, and then Plaid Cymru's three MPs."

How they undermined Gordon to get into bed with Clegg / Bitterness, rivalries and a party in turmoil

George Macdonald Fraser, author of Flashman, refers to a country that is "shabby, littered, ugly, run down, without purpose or direction, misruled by a typical Third World government, corrupt, incompetent and undemocratic...

"My generation has seen the decay of ordinary morality, standards of decency, sportsmanship, politeness, respect for the law, family values, politics and education and religion, the very character of the British.

"There may never have been such an enslaved generation." - (The last testament of Flashman's creator.)

(Many thanks to Anon who sent the link to Flashman)

The UK Labour party helped to wreck the UK.

What happened in the June 2009 European elections in Scotland:

The Scottish National Party came top.

Labour got only 20% of the vote.

In the European election, the result in the constituency of Dumfries and Galloway was:

Conservatives 12,239 votes,
Scottish National Party(SNP) 8,247
Labour 5,733

Just before the 6 May general election, the UK polls showed Labour firmly in third place, trailing the Liberal Democrats by five points.

Labour were expected to get 26% of the UK vote.

Yet, in the May 2010 general election , Labour mysteriously won Dumfries and Galloway.

And, Labour mysteriously won 41 out of the 58 Scottish seats.

Dumfries and Galloway is a constituency in Scotland associated with Lockerbie (LOCKERBIE DISASTER), freemasonry and child abuse (BBC News - Child abuse case payouts near £1m ).

The government in Edinburgh is a Scottish National Party government.

powersminions/ brought our attention to the article by Iain Martin, at the Wall Street Journal, 8 May 2010, entitled Union Between England and Scotland May Soon Be Toast

Iain Martin points out that in England, David Cameron's Conservative Party were the clear winners.

The Conservatives got 40%,

Labour 29%

But, Labour (mysteriously) did well in Scotland.

Iain Martin suggests that Scotland and England speak "entirely different languages politically."

That sounds like an exaggeration.

Some of the results in Scotland may be related to vote fraud.

Speakers' Corner

aangirfan: Looks like GLENROTHES election WAS RIGGED, like 2004 ELECTION in the USA

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