Friday, June 10, 2011



"Ed Balls has denied that he was part of a plot, led by Gordon Brown, to remove Tony Blair from power after the 2005 general election.

"Responding to the publication of Mr Balls’ personal papers on the Blair – Brown transition, he said this morning: 'There is nothing here to justify claims of a plot.'" (Labour plot to remove Blair PoliticsHome)

'Project Volvo': Memos show plot to oust Blair

"Why would Ed Balls, a secretive plotter by nature, leave such incendiary evidence lying around for civil servants to pinch.

"It shows that a PM had plotted against the former PM.

"Guido’s instinct is that this comes from within the Labour Party…

"UPDATE: A source close to Gove tells Guido: 'Like with Sharon Shoesmith, Ed Balls is pathetically trying to blame officials.

'He should ask his best friend Damian McBride how these things get leaked.'

Balls Throws Up Smokescreen



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