Thursday, January 12, 2012


Ed Miliband (right) Website for this image

Ed Miliband said that Tony Blair's government was "wrong" to go to war in Iraq.

Ed Miliband is now the leader of the UK Labour party, the party of Tony Blair.

The media has been getting at Ed Miliband.

Presumably, the 'powers that be' have decided to stick with prime minister David Cameron and his Conservative Party.

In other words, the system is rigged and the media tells us what to think?

Do both Miliband and Cameron play their parts in the game?

Or does Miliband not know what is going on?

In the Daily Mail, Quentin Letts writes:

Ed Miliband: Nobody loves me, might as well go and eat Quorn.

"There were big cheers for Edward Miliband in the Commons. There really were. The only trouble for the Labour leader is that they came from the Government side. Ooooh dear.

"The moment Mr Miliband’s name was uttered by the Speaker at PMQs, a big ‘hooray!’ rose from the Coalition benches, mainly from Tory ya-booers who camp in the near corner of the Chamber, under the press gallery.

"It was beastly of them but horribly effective. Mr Miliband blinked, stung by the satire.

"He somehow had to try to collect himself and open his remarks, as form dictated, with a tribute to British service personnel who had died over the Christmas recess. He made a couple of minor fluffs.

"Poor, exhausted Ed. He must be finding this a wretched time. Everything tastes of dust and distemper. Nothing is going right. Nobody loves me, everyone hates me, might as well go and eat Quorn..."